Eyelash Extensions


Full set application $150.
2 hour appointment needed.

3 to 5 week fill $60. 1 hour appointment.

5+ week fill $80. 1 hour 15 minute appointment.

Quick touch up between fills for a special event $40. 30 mins.

** please note: lash extensions are not recommended for people with sensitive eyes or those with active rosacea**

Preparing for Eyelash Extensions


Come to appointment wearing no eye makeup or eye creams.
Contact lenses may not be worn during procedure. Wear glasses instead.
Read all educational literature so you know what is involved with the application procedure and important post application care requirements.
Remember that you will need to return every 3 to 5 weeks for refills to keep lashes looking good.
Fill out profile questionnaire and and consent form.

Eyelash Extensions After Care

First 24-48 hours (most important!):

Be very gentle with your eyes and new lashes.
Avoid oil-based ANYTHING near the eye.
Avoid exposure to water, shower, heat, steam (especially hot air from the oven and warm steam from the dishwasher and tanning.
Avoid touching your eyes and lashes.
Do not use makeup or mascara.

Long Term:

Do not rub your eyes excessively.
Do not pick at your lashes.
Avoid touching your lashes as much as possible.
Do not sleep on your face.
Avoid all oil-based mascara (including waterproof mascara).
Do not use oil-based cleansers or makeup.
Do not frequently visit the sauna or steam room.


After 3 to 5 weeks, some of your natural lashes will have fallen out. Eyelash extensions will have to be reapplied to new lash growth every 2 to 4 weeks. It may be necessary to remove a few false lashes if they have grown crooked or too long.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What do they look like and how do they feel?       With proper application, Babe Eyelash Extensions look and feel completely natural.

  • How long do they last?      Extensions can last up to two months, depending on the natural growth cycle of the client's lashes.

  • How many eyelashes are applied?       Depending on the client, between 40 and 60 eyelashes can be applied to each eye.

  • Can I swim, shower, exercise or visit a spa while wearing extensions?        Yes, after the initial 24-48 hour setting period the adhesive is completely dry and you can do all these things.

  • Can I use an eyelash curler while wearing extensions?
        You should not use traditional curler as they can                       permanently damage the extensions. You can use a                   heated lash curler which gently uses heat to curl lashes.

  • Can I use mascara with my extensions?      Water soluble mascara can be worn; however, constant use of mascara may shorten the the lifespan of the client's lashes. Waterproof mascara is not recommended.

  • How are the extensions applied?      A single natural lash is isolated, and a single lash extension is glued onto it about 1mm from the eyelid, so neither the glue or the lash extension has contact with the skin. 

  • How long does the procedure take?     It takes between 1.5-2 hours for a full set and 1 hour for a refill. It is a meticulous procedure that requires patience and concentration, so it should not be rushed. Clients can relax with their eyes closed as the procedure is pain-free and non-invasive. Often clients fall asleep!

  • Can I open my eyes during application?      No. If clients must open their eyes they should advise the technician before they do so, so as to remove the sharp tweezers from the eye area.

  • Can I still wear eye makeup?     Yes, but you won't need mascara, and clients may find they don't need eyeliner. Eyeliner and eye shadows can still be worn as usual though. You must remove the makeup with products that do not contain oil of any kind as this will affect the viability of the adhesive. We recommend removing eyeliner using a damp cotton pad with a small amount of remover and gently running it along the eyeliner. To remove eye shadow, use a cotton wipe dampened with water and remover and gently remove shadow in a side-sweeping, upward movement, not down onto the lash extensions. Wiping down could cause buildup of makeup on the lashes and may shorten their lifespan.

  • I got lash extensions applied the other day and a few have fallen out - why?         Every lash has its own growth cycle and it can be hard to determine which lash is ready to fall out naturally. Therefore the longevity of lash extensions can be unpredictable. Each day we can loose 3-5 natural lashes, often unnoticed by us. It becomes more noticeable how many lashes we loose when there is a long, dark, thicker lash attached to the lashes that we are loosing. Try to avoid sleeping face down on your pillow as this will contribute to lash loss.

  • Are the lash extensions glued to my skin?      No, they are adhered 1mm from the eyelid.

  • Is the eyelash adhesive and adhesive remover safe?   Yes, in the hands of someone who has been properly trained, these materials are safe. The adhesive is high quality, fast drying glue that when used properly, does not clump or flake.

  • Can the extensions be removed?      Yes, they can be removed at any time for any reason. The extensions are easily and safely removed using glue remover. Depending on the number of lashes to be removed and the time it takes, there will be a charge to remove the lashes.

  • Why is thyroid medication a contradiction?     One of the possible side-effects of using this medication is thinning and/or loss of hair. There is greater risk that the technician could damage the client's natural lashes.

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